The following positions were uncontested for the upcoming Election:

President:    Jerome Lafragola
Vice President:   Patrick J. Reynolds
Recording Secretary:   Kim Whitfield
Secretary-Treasurer:  Robert Higgins
Tolls  Chairman:  Greg Banks
Tolls Vice Chairwoman:  Elizabeth Branch

The following positions did not make the requirements for the upcoming Election.

Tunnel & Bridge Agent: Vice Chairman

Aviation & Terminals: Chairman

Aviation & Terminals: Vice Chairman


Transport Workers Union Local 1400
115 River Road Suite 114, 2nd Floor
Edgewater, N.J. 07020
Phone: 1-201-606-8500
Fax: 1-201-606-8505
E-mail: local1400twu@monmouth.com


Jerome Lafragola
201-606-8500 Ext. 14
Pat Reynolds
Vice President
201-606-8500 Ext. 13
Robert Higgins
201-606-8500 Ext. 12
Kim Whitfield
Recording Secretary
201-606-8500 Ext. 11


Greg Banks
Tolls Chairman
201-606-8500 Ext. 10

Aviation & Terminals

Tunnels & Bridges

Brian Campbell


Elizabeth Branch
Tolls Vice Chairman
James Denti
Aviation & Terminals
Vice Chairperson

Joseph Natole
Tunnels & Bridges
Vice Chairman
201-606-8500 Ext. 10